Great Audio Read

The Secret to Great Audio Read

The secret to great audio read

Meet with the hosts

Set up a kickoff call or even better web-conference with the host of every show you intend to advertise with after they have reviewed the audio read and before your ad goes live.

Remember, podcast hosts have created a great rapport with their audiences. When a host recommends a product on their show, it’s a close second to having a friend recommend a product.

For a host to speak enthusiastically about your product or service, they need to know what it is they’re talking about so if possible make sure they have experienced it for themselves!

If firsthand knowledge is not possible, they need you to sell them on the product first. Someone with thorough knowledge to explain it in detail, answering all their questions so they can deliver an excited, pumped up dialog about it.

Find the time to coordinate schedules, get them on the phone and give them the elevator pitch. Get them pumped and motivated about your product!

Whatever it takes so the host has a complete understanding of your company, products/services and message so they can deliver an awesome recommendation.

NOTE: the more enthusiastic the host is, the better they’re going to be at selling it. If you feel that the host isn’t 100% thrilled with the pitch, product, service or product/audience fit, consider other options. The power of this ad is in the excitement of the host and their genuine conviction about your product or service.

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