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StatGear was created in 2010 by Avi Goldstein, a practicing New York City Paramedic, with the intent of developing and manufacturing innovative tools for the Rescue, Survival & EDC (everyday carry) industries.

They stand behind the products they make and are proud to offer our Hassle Free Return Policy for a 30 day, money back guarantees on all of our products.

What is EDC?

Throughout the internet you may have heard the term EDC used, but what is it? Whether you realize it or not everyone participates in it. The term EDC stands for Everyday Carry, the items you have on you before you walk out the door. Everybody does it and everybody chooses differently, some keep things basic, others get in-depth with it, and some weirdos carry nothing at all.

There are levels to EDC: What you carry on your person, in your backpack/purse, and your car. Each level allows you to carry more with you on a daily basis to the point where you’re more pack mule than person. That’s where EDC gets tricky; there are a lot of schools of thought for what one should carry. What one decides to put in their pocket will not work for another. Some choose to carry multi-tools, and others choose to always carry a packet of tissues, while others carry both along with 50 other gadgets in a fanny pack. What should you carry with you? Well, it all depends on you.

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