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Influencer marketing has been around for many years. Lately, it's become a hot topic for companies and brands because of how powerful it is, especially as an alternative to traditional advertising that can be expensive and less effective. More importantly, consumers don't like to be advertised to and marketing messages have less credibility these days.

What is an influencer?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people who have an engaged audience within a target market you want to reach. These Influencers are specialists in their niches having built a report with their audience.

Four things you need to keep in mind when launching an influencer marketing campaign:

  • Expertise: Would the content of your campaign be appropriate coming from this influencer, given what he or she is famous for?
  • Reach: Can this influencer engage your audience? Does she specifically have reach on the social media channels where your audience spends its time?
  • Demographic: Is this person's following similar to your company's buyer persona? Does he or she affect the same people?
  • Notoriety: Is this influencer well liked? Is his/her fame split between admiration and condemnation, or are they a person of mass appeal? (The latter is what you want, so as to not alienate potential customers.)

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