Podcast Coaching

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  • Are looking to start/launch a podcast for your business, club or hobby?
  • Maybe you are looking to improve the quality of your current show?
  • If you just want help growing and marketing your podcast, We are here for you!

We offer personalized one-on-one coaching/mentoring to meet your podcasting needs.

Mentors are successful at their craft and share their earned wisdom to provide insight and guidance to their mentee. They typically function in a reactive capacity, responding to issues as they arise.

Coaches, on the other hand, help the client to realize and anticipate specific challenges faced. They’re prescriptive and proactive by nature, actively participating and strategizing a successful outcome with their clients.

Coaching session, are done eighter in person or online, so we can share screens and make the most effective use of the time we have together.

Upon completion of the call, I will send you the video/audio recording so you can review all of the information we covered.

What do I need to Do?

Have an idea for your show, then Contact us and let's discuss your vision.