Podcast Advertising

Podcast coaching, management and advertising

Podcast coaching, management and advertising

bcolburn LLC is representing Independent Podcast Creators placing ads in podcast episodes as the main marketing channel to increase their new customer acquisition efforts.

What do I need to Do?

Be creatively simple.

Keeping it simple and sticking to one idea with a clear call to action. Don’t overcommunicate the main message diluting its value. Ensure that a clear call to action is given.

If your ad is endorsed, provide a few copy points and let the host do the rest based on their experience with the product or service and let their personality shine through to the audience they have cultivated.

The difference between ad formats.

There are several ways to advertise via an audio format, but knowing the benefits of these two are important:

  • Endorsed: The power of the personality shines through. This ad format uses the podcast host and the recognized, trust, and respect among their audience. They lend their name and personal testimonial to promote your product or service. The endorsement will be blended into the content of the show making it feel like it is a normal part of the episode.
  • Non-Endorsed (Produced): As it sounds, this type of ad doesn’t include a host endorsement. The host, or a non-host, will read copy by the advertiser. The spot is recorded and inserted into the show based on agreed-upon terms.

“Podcast listeners are a highly dedicated, engaged audience. Just by being a podcast listener, you’re someone who cares enough to tune in on a regular basis. You’re more likely to be an informed resource for your colleagues or friend’s, podcasts attract people who are much more passionate, influencers.”

-Marko Savic, Igloo Software

More and more business are creating podcasts that are focused on building a strong community around their products and services.

We are here to help you get your message out, grow your audience and maximize the return on the investment.

Credit: Nielsen Q3 2017 Podcast Insights
  • 64% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 60% in 2017 (Infinite Dial 18)
  • 50% of all US homes are podcast fans (Nielsen, Aug 2017)
  • 44% (124 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast – up from 40% in 2017 (Infinite Dial 18)
  • 26% (73 million) listen to podcasts at least every month – up from 24% in 2017 (Infinite Dial 18)
  • 17% (48 million) listen to podcasts weekly – up from 15% in 2017
  • 16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans” (Nielsen Q1 2018)
  • 56% of podcast listeners are Male
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population
  • 27% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree – vs 19% for US pop
  • 36% of podcast listeners are non-white – vs 30% in 2010 (Nielsen, Aug 2017)

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