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Podcast Advertising, Why Aren’t You?

Podcast Advertising; Why You Should Take Advantage?

Podcast’s, what a great platform for you to get your brand story in front of targeted audiences. Podcast creators have spent hours fostering and cultivating an audience, in a niche and this is where you should start.

What niche are you in? No matter what it is, I’m sure you can find a few podcasts, probably across a few categories of podcasts to put your brand message in.

Remember, Podcast listeners have higher than average income, mostly college graduates, and love the shows they listen to. Needless to say, when a podcast host speaks referencing a product or brand and can recommend it to their listeners in a genuine way, that host is sending a “warm lead” to your vanity URL, more on that latter.

When you buy an ad on a podcast, you’re buying a time slot, usually somewhere from 30 seconds up to two minutes, during which the host will talk about your company or product, sharing personal experience, hopefully, and covering a list of bullets outlined by you.

The Three types of ad’s that can be run are;

  • “live read”
  • “recorded read” by the Host
  • “recorded read” Produced and supplied by you

The three are very different:

  • In a live read, the host is integrating your product or service into the episode in an authentic manner.
  • In a recorded read, the host pre-recorded the audio commercial about the product or service that will be integrated at a specific time that makes sense with the flow of the podcast episode.
  • A recorded readd supplied by you is, for the most part, the same, but the Host is not reading the commercial spot.

TIP: The live read by the Host is the most valuable because it comes off authentically to listeners. The more genuinely the host speaks about your products or services, the better the response will be by the listeners.

The time slot you are buying is the next important decision to make. There are three different timeslots you can buy:

  1. Pre-roll: at the beginning of the podcast
  2. Mid-roll: towards the middle of the podcast
  3. Post-roll: at the end of the podcast

TIP: The most valuable spot for a podcast ad is the mid-roll. Listeners are highly engaged with the content and are least likely to fast forward through the ads.

Host’s are well aware that live reads at mid-roll are highly coveted, and they usually price them to reflect this.

Vanity URL, I didn’t forget and this will be discussed in the next post on Podcast Advertising.

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