How Much should I charge for advertising

Podcast Advertising, What Should I Charge?

Podcast Advertising, What Should I Charge?

The magic question, What can I charge for a 30-second ad? Pricing for ad space on a podcast can vary significantly depending on a show’s following, who the audience is and how frequently the podcast airs. A podcasts popularity is measured by the number of subscribers or the number of downloads an episode receives.

In the podcast world, metrics aren’t all that, Yet. A podcast can have 10,000 subscribers, but it’s possible that only 7,000 download an episode and out of the 7,000 only 5,000 listen to that episode.

When pricing your podcast ad, try and dig into the numbers a bit and make sure you really understand the metrics that you are quoting.

Advertisements are typically priced on a CPM (cost per thousand) model, based on the number of downloads an episode receives. Rates can range from a $10 to $50 CPM, and shows that perform in the top 10 can cost even more.

In other words, selling podcast advertising can range from $50 per episode to $25,000 for a one episode spot.

How frequent should ad’s play?

The right exposure for podcast advertising in our experience goes something like this. First 3 months, weekly, then you can taper off to every other week. It’s good to come back around every 4th quarter with a new campaign running it weekly again for three months.

The great news is, if you commit to a schedule like this the show will give you better pricing due to the long-term commitment.

The Script

When it comes to the read (Script), getting the messaging right is critical.

The below outline coverswhat needs to be said for your ad.

You’ll want to create a scripted guide to make sure the host is covering the talking points you feel is crucial to your campaign all the way down to the value proposition.

An ad script contains the following components:

  1. The intro – this is often a personal story from the host used as a segue into the talking points you outlined.
  2. Talking points– the key value propositions highlighting your products or companies services that must be covered by the host during the read.
  3. Call to action– this is crucial. This is the instruction you tell the listeners to do, usually “Visit our website at www…” or “Call Today”. The host should read this call to action at least 3 times at the end of the read.

Anything you want the host to know or mention, tell them. If any talking points or sentences are mandatory with no room to go “Off Script” tell them.

Next week we will discuss how to nail down the right read.

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