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bcolburn LLC is all about helping emerging companies get their story out in front of targeted audiences. Focusing on small and medium-sized businesses we assist with strategy, social media, podcast production, and marketing to drive sales.

Implementing technology to facilitate a strong foundation and an environment of increased communications and sales.

In this industry, we travel and meet people at all stages of careers and level of influence. I have had individuals offer guidance and counsel that I benefited from greatly. I have also met many great inventors and product developers struggling with getting their product to market. Being the type of individual that wants to help others I founded bcolburn LLC.


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Brian Colburn has consistently demonstrated outstanding customer service and has proven to be a loyal friend and mentor. In the short time I’ve worked with Brian he has been a phenomenal advocate for my personal and professional growth. I would recommend Brian to any company or product development team who was looking to increase revenue or improve their customer service strategies.
I would like to take a moment to recommend Brian,
Having worked with him over the last several years I can say that he always does way more than expected to go out of his way making sure others are taken care of. It is a pleasure to do business and work with Brian!
Thank you.
Brian’s Customer service and attention to detail soars above the Industry Standard. His follow through and research to answer any question is efficient and very thorough.
I met Brian in early 2013. Since then he has captured our business almost entirely. He takes the time to follow through in Educating his buyer to have a higher success rate. He handles each and every Customer with Integrity.
Brian would be an asset to any company!Thank you Brian for Making not only our Company, but myself more successful. I look forward to doing business with you!Firearms Industry
Brian has a keen eye for what will work and what does not. His ability to get the right product to the shelf has increased my profit by leaps and bounds. Brian listens to my needs and has solutions on hand. Beat account manager that I have worked with.
Mr. Colburn,One of the most legitimate players here at major. He is a man of many trades, and someone I definitely look up to and stand beside! He handles his work with great diligence and with a thoroughness that no one can match!! Brian is one of the only gentleman that our company can count on when the hardest of situations need to be resolved, he is great at following through, making sure the job is one hundred percent completed to the fullest!!I as a colleague want to thank Brian for all he does here! you are more than appreciated for the great work and personality that you bring to our Company!!